daily pics - 01.02.12 - 01.08.12

goodmorning.  i usually don't care for monday's...okay, who am i trying to kid...i usually hate monday.  that dreaded start back to the work week.  no more weekend fun.  but idk...something about today feels different.  it feels fresh and full of possibility.

so far in 2012 i've not quite kept up with the goals i wanted to.  i didn't sit down and write out a list of resolutions, but i do have a mental list of a few things to try and accomplish this year.  one thing that usually spells defeat is when i begin to realize i'm not meeting a goal instead of hunkering down and working harder on that goal i just give up.  this year i'd like to remember that not only is each day a fresh start but truly that each moment, that is each second can be a new start.

life is short, i want to live it to the fullest as much as i possibly can and enjoy every moment.

this morning i thought i'd get you caught up on my daily pics from this past week.

01.02.12 - monday

i've tried greek yogurt several times and just haven't cared for it's thick tanginess. but after years of thinking yoplait was the best, i've been loving some organic brands like brown cow, stoneyfield farm and wallaby. so i thought i'd go ahead and give greek yogurt another try. omg. this stuff is divine. and when i use the word divine to describe foods, that means to me it is the best of the best. so now i'm on a journey trying all different kinds of greek yogurt, but so far, the one pictured above has been my favorite. if you enjoy greek yogurt too, leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite brand/flavor is so i can try it too!

01.03.12 - tuesday

idk if the best thing they did for cars was to add the low gas light or if it was the worst. my first car didn't have an indicator light and after a costly lesson (which i'll share one day w/ you guys) i learned that when the indicator gets down to 1/4 of a tank i should start looking for a station to fill it up to be on the safe side. but with the car i have now...i've gotten into the habit of waiting for that little light to come one. and usually my indicator still shows about an 1/8 of a tank when i get gas, but this morning it was sitting on "e" when i pulled into the gas station and that was a bit scary. i kept wondering if i was going to make it or if i'd have to call someone to bring me gas.

umm....i'm not sure why there is no pic for wednesday. i didn't do anything special...just worked.

01.05.12 - thursday

do you live in an area with a lot of trains? oh.my.goodnes. it seems like they are everywhere here around where i live. no joke, on a daily basis i probably pass over train tracks at least 8 times, if not more. and so i often find myself, as i did thursday night, sitting at a crossing waiting for the train to make up it's mind which direction to go. i know they are moving the cars around, adding to and taking away...but it sooooo irks me when they are just past the intersection while they are doing this. i know, i know, they don't do it on purpose, but it's just one of those annoying things that gets to me. this night i finally gave up after watching the train go back and forth about 10 feet a dozen times and finally stopping for who knows how long. it meant i had to go a bit out of my way, but i was just tired of waiting for it to move!

01.06.12 - friday

friday was a very rough day. i don't want to go into the details and i'm not sure i'll really ever share it on this blog because it was a tragedy involving a family i don't really know, but it did affect me and makes me realize how precious life is and to take advantage of it. this pic was from later that day. i was getting ready to go out and snapped this just as i finished getting ready. i had dinner with friends at a local place that specializes in wings and we watched the first part of the cotton bowl since our beloved hogs were playing. then during half time we drove over to a yogurt shop and enjoyed some yummy frozen goodness while watching the finale of the game. which was an awesome game as we won! wps!!! (that's wooo pig sooie for those who aren't razorback fans or familiar w/ the term) it was a really good ending to my day to have a great night out with some of my closest friends.

no pic for saturday either. i actually did take some pics, but it was of a crafting project that i worked on and i'll share those pics later this week.

01.08.12 - sunday

i love breakfast. it's one of my favorite meals. but i also really, really love sleep, which means during the work week breakfast is usually something pretty quick. but on the weekends i like to indulge a bit. i always keep those muffin mix packets on hand, not to make muffins, but because on the back they give directions on how to use the mix to make pancakes! so sunday morning breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes with some turkey bacon...and it was yummy!...and no, i did not eat all those pancakes. there was enough left to enjoy during the week too.

take care and i'll talk to you later!

~ jess


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