daily pics - 01.09.12 - 01.15.12

Another week gone in 2012!  Already 1/2 way through January!  OH MY!!!...where does the time go!?!

Here's a look at my life in daily pics from last week...

monday 01.09.2012

Finally made it back to the gym! I even recorded my time and was going to do a small post showing how much exercise I got in this past week. Well I'll tell you now that I only exercised for 30min for the entire week! It was just such a crazy busy week that I only made it into the gym once :-( I'm going to try to do much better this week!

tuesday - 01.10.2012

Monday I was wanting something to brighten up the dreary winter day. Although I will admit we've been having unseasonably warm weather this winter. In fact it's hard to believe it's only January and not April. I found this lovely shade of buttery warm sunshine at Ulta. It's Pippa by Zoya. This is the 2nd bright yellow polish I've purchased, the other being from Sally Hansen. For some reason, bright yellow must be a bit difficult to create in a polish because I found both brands to be very thick. Other than than one complaint, this was a lovely color.

wednesday - 01.11.2012

Just a pic of the outfit I wore to work and church on Wednesday.

thursday 01.12.2012

I'm going to be brave and admit something right here and now... I'm a nail polish addict!!!...can't.stop.buying! Last month I purchased a nail polish rack for my wall that holds 96 bottles of polish (like the ones at nail salons). I figured that I'd probably fill it up about 1/2 way. NOOOO. It's full to capacity and I've had to start storing the rest of the polish on my desk. I think I'm up to about 105 bottles. So the yellow zoya and this lovely red (essie really red) were both purchased this week. Ulta really should quit giving me coupons! I've never really been one to wear red polish, but for some reason lately I've been wanting the perfect shade of bright red polish...and this is it! I'm on day 5 with this polish with minimal chipping. It will probably be coming off tonight, but I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of this bottle.

friday - 01.13.2012

Friday it was a bit chilly here. Okay, it was only in the 30s, but that feels chilly after all the 60s we've been having. So I thought it was a perfect opportunity to pull out this cute hat I'd purchased last month. It may look a bit silly, but it is definitely warm!

saturday - 01.14.2012

I completely blame pinterest for this outfit. I keep seeing people pin red/pink/orange clothing combos and am LOVING it!!! So I thought I'd try an attempt at it. Success. Yeah, I think I'll be trying this out again.

sunday - 01.15.2012

One of my goals for this year is to read more. I think I mentioned this in one of my prev posts. So this is book two for January reading. I just started it last night. And it was pretty late when I started reading, so I only made it through the first chapter (it's kind of a long first chapter). So far I'm really interested. I've never read anything by Francine Rivers, but I'm loving her writing style. Chapter 1 covers a bit of ground and definitely lays a riveting foundation...so I can't wait until tonight when I can get through a few more chapters. I'll be doing a review at the end of the month of all the books I'm able to read through. So be sure to look for that...

~ Jess


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