daily pics 01.17.2012 - 01.22.2012

Another week of January has just flown by.  I hate to see time move so swiftly, but in a way, I'm a bit excited.  You see Spring is my favorite season, so I love that we are getting closer and closer to it.

No pics from Monday.  I have decided that evening what I was going to take a pic of but for some reason never got around to it.

tuesday - 01.17.2012

Have you ever used a Butter London nail polish? I LOVE them. Now, they are rather expensive at $14 a bottle, but I try to get them when Ulta has a sale. Also, I only try and buy colors that are not easily duped by cheaper brands. This color - the black knight - was part of a set. I must say, this is the worst formula of a Butter London polish I've ever applied. It was very thick and if you tried to apply a sheer coat, it streaked and dried so fast it would literally pull the polish back off of the nail. However, with several thick coats, it is a very beautiful color. The pic lacks showing the true dimension of the color and also the fact that the glitter pieces are teal and pink. I don't know that I'd recommend purchasing this color unless you have the patience to deal with thick glitter polish. Also, it was one of the worst ones I've tried to take off my nails.

wednesday - 01.18.2012

So when I was doing a bit of grocery shopping the other night I found this Healthy Choice Top Chef steamer entree. I happened to be at a Walmart near work, which I don't shop at often. It's always fun to see what items they have the Walmart by my house does not carry. I was very surprised at how yummy this was and will definitely be repurchasing...actually, I bought another one this weekend for lunch this coming week ;-)

thursday - 01.19.2012

The other day I caught a glimpse of these chips in a pic posted by a facebook friend. I'd never even heard of them but once I saw them I had to get my hands on them. You see I really, really LOVE dill pickles. I thought for sure Walmart would have them, but after going to a Supercenter and Neighborhood Market I came up empty handed. But I finally found them at a small grocery store called Price Cutter. And I must say, they were definitely worth the effort of trying to find them. I can't eat too many in one sitting, but they are very addicting in that I find myself grabbing a few all throughout the day.

friday - 01.20.2012

This is just a quick pic I took right before walking out the door to meet up with some friends Friday night. We all met up at Firehouse Subs, which was really good (I'd only been one other time). The best part was the coke machine they had though. It's called a Coca Cola Freestyle and it's a touch screen machine that has 125 different options. I had 1/2 coca cola with raspberry and 1/2 coca cola with lime. It was really good. I may have to stop back by there again soon.

saturday - 01.21.2012

Just another quick pic I grabbed of myself right before church Saturday night...

sunday - 01.22.2012

I can hardly believe it, but Saturday and Sunday I scrapbooked 7 layouts! Seriously people, this is epic for me. That's probably more than I created last year all combined. While I love scrapbooking, I usually just make cards more often. So as I was working on the layouts I pulled down all my AC thickers - holy cow I have a lot of them. But you know what, on a couple layouts I was wishing I had more...LOL!

I promise I'll have more blog posts coming up besides just these daily pics!

ps - if you use blogger, have you been having issues when creating blog posts? it keeps kicking me out saying i've signed out from another location and it is really annoying... it means it takes many attempts to get a post up...

~ Jess


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