daily pics - 01.24.2012 - 01.31.2012

it's been a while since i've caught you up with my daily photos.  in fact, i think i'll break them down into a couple of posts.  i'll at least get up the rest of the january pics today.  i'm still doing pretty good w/ the photo a day.  every now and then i miss a day.  i did see a post/pic on instagram of things you take a pic of each day and loved the idea, but only followed it one day in february... so i might try it again in march.

yes, i'm still obsessed with greek yogurt. i'm not eating it every day, but most days i am. i still have no clear favorite brand/flavor. this was the first time i've tried a flavor that is already mixed into the yogurt...usually i buy the fruit on bottom or fruit on side. this was sooooo good. it tasted exactly like i was eating a key lime pie w/o the crust.

while grocery shopping i always look to see what new items have arrived in the frozen section of the grocery store. these meals are sooo easy to just grab and take to work for lunch...otherwise i don't have enough time to fix something of a morning and end up grabbing some kind of unhealthy fast food. i found this meal at a walmart supercenter, but not the one i usually go to. and i didn't even realize until i was eating it that it was vegetarian. oh.my.goodness. was it every yummy! quite possibly the best flavor of lean cuisine i've ever ate.

just a quick snapshot i grabbed friday morning...for two reasons. first the scarf was new. i'd just bought it the day before from tjmaxx. i wasn't sure if i should wear it yet or hold onto it for a few months since it's so springy...but i couldn't resist wearing it. i love how it brightens up a dreary winter day. second was the fact that i'd just had my hair trimmed/colored the day before. i'm still loving the dark brown so i just got a repeat of last time w/ some highlights. interesting note - my hair doesn't like color. in fact my stylist has to use the next to darkest color (blue-black being the only darker) to get that color on my hair.

this is the sigma dry'n'shape system. after you wash your brushes you place them in there and then most brushes will dry in 4-6hrs. it worked really well for all my brushes except my XL powder brush which took a little longer to dry. i'll definitely be using this from now on when i clean my brushes.

julep - demi polish. a lovely vampy red shade.

a sparkly wreath w/ a peacock...it hangs between my two large windows above my bed.

i'm sure by now you've seen a million pics/recipes for a green smoothie. this was the first one i tried and if you can get past the color and knowing it contains spinach it's actually really yummy. as in if i were blindfolded i wouldn't have known it even had spinach.
well, that's it for today. see you guys later!
~ jess


  1. Awesome everyday photos! You look great with that scarf! It's gorgeous!


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