good morning! it's a chilly wednesday morning here. the weather is a funny thing here in the south.  all we usually get is warm/hot weather, so the tv crews go bananas when there is a chance for snow.  and just wait until this spring when we get out usual thunderstorms...i think they live for those moments.  it's quite funny.  anyways last night they were all abuzz with "chances of snow" for wed morning. and you know what...there was no snow.  only cold weather and a dreary looking sky.

i didn't have much to share with you guys today.  but i ran across this post over on shop sweet things and some of it really struck a chord with me...like trying to blog every day.  a lot of times at night i'll think about making a blog post but then never get around to it.  i don't want to have to schedule it in, because i don't want it to feel forced.  but i do want to find a way to incorporate it more into my every day routine of life.

And because I don't want to post without a pic...

these were a gift from my secret sister at church...and oh.my.goodness are they ever yummy! of course at 100 calories a cookie they should be. not sure they are the best snack after dragging myself into the gym, but they were a sweet ending to my day ;-)
~ jess


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