modesty is the best policy

hope you all had a lovely weekend.  mine started off really nice.  but by sunday afternoon i was beginning to feel a bit sick.  i'm finally feeling better this evening.  hopefully the rest of the week will be on the upside.

do you use pinterest much? i love it. i'm always pinning things on there. well i'd noticed friends posting sayings on there and for a while i wasn't much interested. but then the other day i realized how great some of those sayings would be for scrapbook layouts. so i've started looking for all kinds of sayings on there now.  and that's how this layout came about. i'm always taking pics of myself in outfits and i just thought this saying fit along perfectly. i know each person views the word modesty in different lights and i try to apply it to a lot of ways in my life as well, but it definitely affects the way i dress.

~ jess


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