currents - 04.09.2012

listening: sarah jarosz

reading: about to finish up delirium by lauren oliver

eating: well, i was doing really good and eating salads and smoothies...but i went on vacation this past weekend and so it's been a lot of yummy but not so good for me food! back to counting calories tomorrow!

drinking: coffee... i'll admit it, i'm a coffee addict...

wearing: my pajamas still.  and i may just stay in them ALL.DAY.LONG!

feeling: a bit tired.  staying up w/ girlfriends til after midnight and then shopping all day the following day can be tiring...

weather: sunny!

watching: finally got around to watching souls surfer last night and it was much better than i thought it would be.  usually movies like that tend to be way to cheesy for me...

waiting: for prince charming

wanting: to do some deep cleaning today and start some crafting

needing: to finish putting away all the goodies i bought over the weekend

enjoying: my four day weekend

wondering: which nail polish i should try next

working: on organizing

- - - - -     - - - - -     - - - - -

and now i want to share some pics w/ you from this past weekend.  i went away w/ 3 of my friends to tulsa for part of the weekend.  it involved lots of eating and shopping and for one friend lots of dancing.  we love to get away for these fun little trips every so often and there is always lots of laughing and memory making...

first place we went was to on the border for dinner. this was one of their new dishes called "baja" and it was an avocado stuffed w/ cheese and chicken and deep fried. it wasn't as good as i expected, but still pretty yummy.

one place we always have to go is to cheesecake factory for dessert. we always get a slice and take it back to the hotel. i had the raspberry lemon cheesecake cake and it was delish!

just a quick pic before heading out for a day of shopping.

my friend and i were eating up the sunshine streaming into our hotel room...it was perfect for pics.

lol. every time i'm w/ my friends they are usually begging for a smile on my face because i give goofy faces in most pics...

lunch at pei wei. sooo good. i had lettuce wraps and edemame

so i grabbed a couple of fortune cookies at pei wei, one for me and a couple for my friends. after opening mine and finding this fortune i decided i wanted a better fortune so i took one of my friends'...and i could not believe it when i opened it and it was the SAME fortune...lol.

love gap...wish our local one hadn't closed. this is the only pic i took of our shopping day but i definitely shopped til i dropped. i even had to have one of my friends help me carry out my bags!

we went to chipotle for the first time. O.M.G... it was sooooo good!!!

i was little laughing! i kept giving my friend goofy pics while at lunch and she kept taking pics to get a serious smile...

went to mac grille for lunch and got my fav dish - shrimp portofino!

~ jess


  1. Yum... That mexican plate looks super tasty!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Love the photo of you and your friend taking advantage of that window light!

  3. sounds like a super fun weekend!!

  4. sounds like you had a lovely trip. I love fun little weekend trips and shopping until I drop. I love cool fortunes too. Crazy that you got two of the same in one sitting.


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