my niece's 12th birthday

my niece turned 12 back at the beginning of march.  as soon as i saw these jars on stephanie howell's blog, i knew i wanted to make a version for my niece.  only instead of just a few pieces of paper, i wanted to make a jar that would last her all year long.  it was sooo fun creating all these prompts...some are just sayings, like 'you are beautiful'...some are prompts to take pictures...some are prompts to help her family...some are prompts to pray for someone or help them...some are just fun prompts.

i will say it took much longer to create this project than i thought it would.  of course i did wait to the last minute like usual. ha!  i think it would be a fun gift for friends or adults too!

i also created an altered canvas artwork piece for her bedroom.

~ jess


  1. I think she must have just LOVED her present! What a cute idea - and you did a fantastic job on your mixed media work, also!

  2. those are FANTASTIC. Truly -- what a wonderful gift. :)

  3. Using these for a year could change a persons life! Cool idea.

  4. omg.. what an awesome idea. so thoughtful.. she will treasure this not only for this coming year, but her whole life! you're a great aunt!


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