polish review - china glaze for audrey and revlon aloof

so you know the other day when i said i don't really do blue polishes... i think i jinxed myself.  ha!

seems i can't get enough of the color lately and keep buying up blue polishes.  and i finally decided to jump on the blogger/youtube bandwagon with china glaze's 'for audrey' which is supposed to be a perfect tiffany & co. blue.  i'm not sure if it is or not since i don't own any tiffany & co. boxes, but i will tell you it is a very lovely color.

i started out by applying my regular base coats (nail magic nail hardener and china glaze strong adhesion base coat) and then two coats of revlon's aloof which is a very soft silvery metallic polish.  it is a tad thick, but definitely easy to work with.  since i was going to use a sticker to create a design i went ahead and applied a layer of seche vite polish to speed up the drying.

now i would recommend that you work on one to two nails at a time for the rest of these steps.  once the polish was set i used round stickers to cover the top section of my nail.  then applied china glaze's for audrey.  since i already had two coats of the revlon aloof i only applied one coat of the for audrey.  as soon as i applied that i peeled the sticker off that nail.  then i would let that sit for a few minutes before applying a final coat of seche vite over the entire nail.  i really liked the final look.  the china glaze for audrey applied beautifully and wore really well.  i would definitely recommend this color if you are looking for a lovely blue.  also the revlon aloof is a great color, although i'm not sure if it was a limited edition or in their permanent line.

~ jess


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