currents - 05.03

listening: jane eyre soundtrack ...love to listen to this to relax me to sleep

reading: nothing really.  still have the same 3 books i need to finish but can't get into them...

eating: loving the lean pockets made w/ pretzel bread...soooo good

drinking: sobe lifewater w/ coconut water

wearing: new clothes today...went shopping last night

feeling: ready for the weekend

weather: sunny...think it's supposed to be near 90 every day

watching: really getting into unforgettable on cbs

waiting: to get some work down on my car...trying to hold out til i have to

wanting: to be more productive

needing: to finish some invites for a friend's baby shower

enjoying: meeting up w/ friends for lunch during the work week

wondering: how people remember the prompts for daily pics

working: on more youtube videos

~ jess


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