love at first sip

as a crafter/designer, lately it seems most of the time that i work on projects and only ever reach a point where i'm just satisfied with them.  i want to go being just being satisfied and falling in love.  i had had this idea for a layout mulling in my head for a while.  finally i sat down and put it to paper...

and you know what, i LOVED it.  you may not think it's phenomenal, but i'm loving everything about it.

first i wanted to incorporate some more magazine/catalog clippings into layouts.  so i grabbed an anthropologie catalog and found some great images that would go perfectly w/ the pic i had in mind.

the next big thing was to put some acrylic paint on the page.  and not just little bits of paint, but to mix in some modeling paste and really get some texture going on.

and finally i went with some colors that would really pop off the page - coral, teal and yellow.

seriously, this is one of those rare moments where there is nothing i want to change about this layout.  it's just completely me...

i'm hoping i can bottle it up and really get into a great groove with the next layouts i work on...

~ jess


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