vacation album

long time no blog posts :-/  just super busy here.  tonight i'm going to start being on call 24/7 with our printer who's printing some catalog updates for the company i work for.  every time they put a page on press i have to be there to approve it, which is every 2-4hrs.  unfortunately i live about 30 min away, so it can make for some LONG nights.  during the day my office is only about 15 min away so that isn't nearly as bad.  looks like it's going to take them about all week to get all of our job printed, so i'm already looking forward to next weekend. ha!

anywho, i had a few minutes today and thought i'd try to get at least one post up this week.  i found these pics on my desktop and realized i'd never blogged them!

last may my parents used their timeshare to go to a condo in panama city, florida and i was able to go with them and also take one of my really good friends, alyssa.  we were there for a week and it was AMAZING!  i definitely want to go back again.  oh, we also spent a day at destin...

we spent a few days shopping, my favorite past-time ;-)  one day we went to shell island.  and of course we went to the beach several days...and i even had an encounter with a shark!  here's a video clip we took on the beach talking about the shark.

alyssa's birthday is in july, so for her birthday last year i made her this album from our vacation.  funny thing is i never got around to making myself an album!  i need to get around to that soon...lol.

~ jess


  1. Love your mini!! The colors are so summery and pretty!

  2. What a cute album - I love the fun summer colors you used and the addition of the navy washi tape - great pics - great book!


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