polish review - orly rage with sally hansen big money

i love some sparkly nails! ;-)  sadly, so many glitter polishes are so sheer it's hard to wear them alone.  but one of the fun things with owning so many glittery polishes is to combine them with other polishes and see what a lovely combination it creates.

so the other day i decided to combine orly rage, which is a lovely rose gold with sally hansen big money a clear polish with small gold glitter and chunky purple glitter.  it turned out to be such a lovely combination.  and oh my, in the sun does it ever shine!

both polishes are lovely on their own but layered together they totally rock.  i had minimal tip wear but no chipping for the several days i wore the polish on my nails.

~ jess


  1. I'm wearing this exact combination right now! I Googled it to see if anyone had the same idea! haha


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