missing this place

i was a bit surprised to realize i hadn't posted anything here in nearly a month.  really though it shouldn't be any surprise to me.  you see i'm stuck in a bit of a rut...and i haven't been able to dig out of it yet.  i get up, go to work, come home, nap, watch tv/eat dinner then to bed so i can get more sleep to repeat the next day.  my body just feels worn out...as in i can't seem to get enough sleep.  and going to the gym has been out of the question as i'm so tired after i get off work i'm yawning all the way home.

i was sure this weekend would be sooo productive but alas i had a migraine all day friday.  saturday was pretty good and i got a few things done in the kitchen --> 2 batches of kale chips and 1 batch of cherry chia jam.  but by sunday evening i was sick again.

here's hoping today is better and i'm able to get a momentum going...get myself back to the gym...and get some things done at home tonight.

and since i hate posting w/o pics, i'll leave you w/ a few pics from this past weekend...

saturday morning - trying a lush face mask - loved it btw

saturday evening - all dressed up for church

sunday morning - breakfast w/ the parents at cracker barrel

~ jess


  1. I hear you about being tired and migraines. Hang in and hope the headaches go away....beautiful pics!


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