week review

i swear the weekends are never long enough.  last week was super chaotic for me.  i hosted a baby shower friday night so every day last week i was running around to the stores buying supplies or at home working on decorations after work.  it turned out really cute and we had a great group of ladies who came to the shower.  i'll try to get some pics posted in a day or two.

also, i got 2 of my 30 cupcakes baked for me 30 before 30 list.  both were made for the baby shower.  i baked 48 white chocolate raspberry w/ raspberry buttercream frosting and 24 strawberry lime cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  no, we did not invite 70+ people to the shower. ha!  we did invite close to 50 though and i just wanted to make sure there was plenty of cupcakes ;-)

on to the rest of today's post.  a couple weeks ago on a sunday afternoon i sat down and got 5 layouts completed.  i already posted this one on the blog, so here are the rest from that day.

~ jess


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