a bit of shopping

happy wednesday!  shut the front door...two days of blogging in a row.  what's happening around here?!?

i LOVE fashion and shopping.  a very dangerous combination.  last week i ran into tjmaxx, one of my favorite stores, to look around a bit.  big mistake!  i'd been doing so well not really buying anything and then bam...the money began oozing from my wallet.  all total that day i bought two necklaces, one skirt and two blouses.  and then the next day i still felt a bit of that shopping mojo and picked up 3 packs of bracelets from lane byant.

so i thought i'd show you a few pics of some of the things i picked up and one thing that didn't work out.

rose gold michael kors necklace from tjmaxx

tjmaxx --- purchased both of these items - calvin klein stretch skirt // (need to check brand) blouse --- still debating on returning the blouse

tjmaxx --- same skirt as above - tried on the blouse but the fit of it wasn't perfect, a bit too baggy in some areas so i left it there

new arm candy i picked up on sale at lane bryant --- if you have large hands/wrists like myself check them out for the perfect fit

now it's time to get the shopping back under control...at least until my vacation next month...ha!

ps...i kind of like this post so i'm thinking from now on i'll take more pics of me trying things on and more pics of the things i buy to share w/ you guys.

~ jess


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