currents - 02.10.2013

so it's currently 6:10pm on sunday evening and i thought i'd do one of these 'current' posts tonight...

listening--> all sons and daughters - the longing

reading--> just the bible...trying to read it in 90 days so that takes a good chunk of time each day

eating--> fresh raspberries i picked up at the grocery today...so sweet and yummy

drinking--> smoothies for breakfast made w/ pink grapefruit, bananas, raspberries, coconut milk and cottage cheese

wearing--> tennis shoes...a lot

feeling--> like i'm soooooo ready for spring already!

weather--> in the 60s today but supposed to be cool this week w/ a chance of snow flurries

watching--> youtube...i think i'm subscribed to too many channels...can't.keep.up.

waiting--> ummm...for spring...lol

wanting--> to get more exercise in this week

needing--> to clean my makeup brushes tonight and edit a video for youtube

enjoying--> making better decisions in my life this year

wondering--> where the weekend went!

working--> on a new schedule for blogging...i hate that it's still pretty random.

what about you...what are some of your currents???

- jess


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