one little word update

how did january already fly by so fast?  it's crazy that we are already into our 2nd month of the year.  time really is precious and swifty goes away...

one of the things i am trying to focus on this year with my word -->transform<-- is going beyond listing things to change in my life and actually having the follow through to accomplish those things.  in order to do some of those things i needed to redeem some time back.  one way i chose to do that was for the month of january i did not watch tv or movies.

it definitely was not easy.  there were plenty of days i was tired after a long day of work and just wanted to come home and watch tv until i fell asleep.  but for the most part i enjoyed coming home and doing things like...scrapbooking...or reorganizing a space...or cooking up things for lunch the next day...or digging into some bible reading.  tv can be such a drainer of time before you even realize it and i am thankful i've realized that and made the decision to take a fast from it.

i will say i did break this fast to go to the movies w/ friends a couple of times.  but that was okay with me.  those times were valuable to my friendships and good experiences.  also, in the middle of the month i had a bad head cold that left me home from work one day and the only thing i felt like doing was laying in bed and watch tv...so i did for that day...but the next day i was back to work and back to my tv fast.

i am hoping to take something away from this experience that i carry with me each day and not just let it fall away.  i want to feel free to come home and not feel pressured to turn the tv on as soon as i walk through the door so i can watch shows on my dvr.  there are so many things i want to work on this year and i hope that i follow through...

through this experience i am looking more deeply into my every day life and trying to find the things that really are not meaningful and take too much time away.  as i find those things i am going to be taking month long fasts from them as well to bring my life back into a better balance...so be sure to come back to see what those things are and the results of those fasts.

- jess


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