2014 happy new year!

happy new year!!!

i'm thankful for another year of life and good health.  i know most people say they can't believe another year is gone, but i'm honestly glad to wrap up 2013...it was a rough year.  the first half seemed to fly by then the last half was the rough part...

i'm not taking ali edwards' class this year, only because i have so much else on my plate, but i still would like to choose a word for 2014.  i know we are already into a couple days of the year, but i'm not worried that i haven't chose a word yet.  i'll choose when i'm ready and it will all work out how it is supposed to :-)

in the mean time... here is the current list of words i'm contemplating. i kind of have it narrowed down to three different ones in my mind, but who knows, another word could come sweeping by and land on my shoulders to stay this year!

• mindful
• embrace
• intention
• commit
• integrity
• renew
• revive
• cultivate
• prevail
• dream
• regenerate
• follow-through
• refresh
• focus
• centered

i'll do a blog update when my word has made it's home with me...

- jess


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