more and less

i used to make new years resolutions...then i never stuck to them. and so i stopped making them. i still love the way the new year comes around and it feels like a fresh start. but you know what?...every day and every moment is an opportunity for a fresh start.

over the past few months these things have been on my heart. i've already made steps toward several of them, but i thought i'd take the opportunity today to share them with you.

it all began with the song, "i need your glory" and the lyrics that say "less of me and more of you is what i need".  that spoke so to my heart, especially the idea of more and less. so the other day i sat down and made this list of more and less for the things that have been on my heart.

more Jesus / less me

more water / less soda

more movement / less lazy

more reading / less tv/youtube

more contentment / less spending

more fruits & veggies / less carbs

more crafting / less comparrison

more correspondence / less forgetful

more trusting God / less self-doubt

more praising / less disengaged

more pampering / less busy

more friendly / less introverted

more modest / less tainted

more learning / less dying

more natural / less processed

more present / less distracted

more giving / less selfish

sometimes it's easier in my mind to say i'd rather have more of one thing and less of another than to simply list things i'd like to change.  for every bad habit, i need to replace it with a good habit.  by focusing on the good habit it helps me keep it all in a positive perspective.

- jess


  1. More is my OLW, and this list goes right along with that. Thanks for sharing.


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