Holiday Wreath Cards

It had been a while since I had really been in the swing of making cards. When I first sat down to start on my Christmas cards I honestly felt like I wasn't sure where to start. But the jumping off point actually proved to be a new fall stamp set, Time For Leaves, that I'd bought from Ali Edwards shop. I thought I'd play around with creating a wreath form. From then things just continued to progress as I pulled more stamps and inks.

Anymore when I'm making cards I find that I like to make multiples of the same basic design. Usually as I'm finishing up the first one I start thinking, "oh that might of been interesting to try with this ink or this other stamp instead." So that's how I ended up with these first three cards for Christmas. And actually, you'll notice the first card I just used a simple "hello" sentiment. I'm still not sure if I'll just use it as a winter card to send to a friend or put a Christmas greeting on the inside...either way, I'm happy with how it turned out.

- Jessica


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