...{...Shopping Haul - 12.04 - Belk...}...

So the same day I did this shopping I also went to Belk.  Now my first impression of this store when I went to one this past summer was "old lady" stuff.  But that day I did find a really cute dress I wore A LOT this summer.  That same day my mom got quite a few jean skirts.  So this past weekend when we were shopping she had me look up the location of the nearest Belk so she could run in there.  LOL...I ended up buying as much or more than she did.  Turns out they were having a GREAT sale that day and had some really cute pieces.

And like I mentioned here I have a thing for sweaters.  And yes, gray, is my new favorite color.  If something comes in gray this year I buy it in that color.  My mother is happy as it used to be brown, which is her least favorite color :-)

...{...what i got...}...

sunny leigh lace print top
madison ruffle blouse - gray
madison sequin top - turquoise
rxb beaded cardigan - gray
joseph a. turtleneck - gray

Everything was either on sale or clearance plus there was an extra %off on a few things.  All in all here I saved $180.83, which is yes, more than I spent!  I LOVE a good deal :-)


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